About Lynelle

Dr. Lynelle A. Tyler

I grew up in Los Angeles with one sister and a single mother who did her best while working full time and going to night school. My sister and I began losing our eyesight around age four and were considered legally blind by age twelve. As life did not afford two blind children many opportunities at that time, my sister and I taught ourselves to play multiple musical instruments by ear. We had very few adaptive tools to help us with school so out of necessity we became very good listeners.

I went on to study psychology in college and earned a Master’s of Arts in School Psychology. As a school psychologist I diagnosed learning disabilities and helped children learn to succeed with challenges. On weekends I competed as a ski racer with The Far West Disabled Ski Team. I scratched sports off of my to-do list after winning a gold medal in the slalom at the U.S. Nationals and then took up a career in music for twenty-five years.

My desire to help others accomplish their goals became increasingly stronger and steered me in the direction of earning my Doctoral Degree in Psychology. I completed my pre and post doctoral internships at The Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center in Truckee, California. My position at Tahoe Forest soon expanded to include patients struggling with addiction, traumatic brain injury, and post traumatic stress disorder.

I am currently able to accept only a small number of private practice patients for concentrated psychological services. I have found that standard insurance models do not provide patients with adequate time allotments. Initial sessions typically take longer than the standard insurance model of 45 minutes. Such restrictions feel system based rather than human based. As my success is due to your success, I provide each of my patients with the same quality of care that I would want for myself or my family.